cloud tv playout


TV technology is old fashioned. It is all about producing one digital stream, which in turn very often is transported through IP protocol to the point of distribution. We change this paradigm.

Why not turn the IP video files on the input into a professional broadcasting television channel on the output, without leaving the IP environment at all?

Why do we need devices to handle TV signals instead of doing everything on IP?

Why have a studio based workflow instead of doing everything through web interfaces?

These questions led  us to the creation of the first of a kind platform for professional TV broadcasting which is fully IP based and controlled from web interfaces.

We took advantage of all existing modern technologies to create first of a kind Broadcast TV channel as a service.

Thousands of TV channels are using playout facilities to organize their TV program, but all of them use old fashioned broadcast equipment for their operation. Control of these channels is done through remote desktop software. And it is a shame.

H-Tech’s clients receive account for our cloud based professional broadcast service and operate their channels totally on-line.