H-Tech is specializing in IP based TV technology development. The company has a highly experienced team of software developers and broadcast engineers and focuses on innovation in the field of future TV broadcasting. The technologies developed by H-tech represent a portfolio of patent protected intellectual properties with significant innovation and disruptive impact.

H-Tech has completed a number of European scientific research projects in the field of IPTV technologies and interactive applications.

The headend solution of H-Tech is based on our patented technology for software decryption of video streams which supports a number of crypto standards.

As a result we deploy fully proprietary solution for TV reception (from satellite, cable, DVB-T), decrypting, transcoding, multiplexing and re-multiplexing, control and management of the streams, streaming and re-streaming, transport and delivery of streams according to different standards and formats to different clients.

Currently we receive 500+ TV channels in our facilities in Sofia and Brussels.
We are ready to offer a trial period to our B2B clients for evaluation of our services.

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