NEXTRA Home Automation is more than a service. It is a CONCEPT for next generation telecom business. In a era when combining TV+Internet+Telephony is a worn out business model, the next great thing is adding ENERGY (saving) to the package. That’s what we’ve already done.

Nextra Home Automation is based on our IPTV service as integrated part of it. The TV set and the remote are turned to a control panel for your entire home. Our solution is based on simple and inexpensive wireless devices and a lot of software.

You can turn the heating, set the temperature, control the air conditioning, turn on and off the lights, see the baby, unlock the door, water the garden, open the garage door – just anything – sitting in front of the TV set, using your remote control.

The control is done from everywhere – web, mobile and TV – one integrated service in full.

Nextra Home Automation is the Internet of Things in real.