InteracTV Layer is our patent pending disruptive technology which turns every standard TV channel into fully interactive experience. This is our vision for the future of Television. Due to InteracTV Layer the convergence between linear television and Internet is a fact.

At the core of this technology lies our Live Video Recognition technology which enables the real time recognition of all video objects in any given TV channel – advertising spots, promotions, films, music – just anything. This is the full real time reverse engineering algorithm of the playlist of any TV channel. Each video object, as part of its metadata has the URL to which the viewer should be forwarded if he or she interacts with this streaming content. This could be VOD library with all the episodes of a series, music playlist with more music from the same artist, Facebok Like, web shop of the advertiser. InteracTV Layer is a synchronous stream of forwarding URLs with the stream of every TV channel. This service changes the Television paradigm. It is applicable to all interactive streaming platforms – mobile, online, IPTV, hybrid TV.