Electronic Program Guide or EPG is a major headache for television operators and EPG providers. Quite few TV channels in the world support proper EPG standards and provide EPG services for the telecom operators. Even in such cases telecoms need to integrate with each TV channel individually. Problems associated with EPG are that programs never begin sharp at the hour. They are always late with minutes. In many cases even programs are replaced at the last moment. This creates hurdles for telecom operators as they provide video on demand services and notifications to users related with start and finish of a program. Discrepancies in the EPG service are the reason for unhappy customers when they use their recording services. To all that we come up with a solution

H-Tech has announced its novel real time synchronized EPG service. This service is based on H-Tech’s patented Video recognition technology which enables real time synchronization of EPG for all channels in the served markets.

Integration is done through the HTVR API and … the problem is solved.

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