Our flagship service is LiveTVdata. It produces real-time ad log data for all the TV channels in national and local markets in Europe and USA.

The ad logs provide information with down to the second precision for any given TV channel and any given airing of all the ads, promos, sponsorships, shows, etc. For each of the items in the ad log, we provide videos and metadata. The metadata is organized by brands, description of the ad, classification according to a standardized taxonomy, position of the ad in the ad-block, etc.

Our client-facing interface to the LiveTVdata system integrates data from audience measurement providers and allows the users to visually create dashboards with ad campaign analysis, promo campaign analysis, rating analysis, track and analyze the performance of TV shows and complete TV schedules.

The LiveTVdata service is used by ad agencies, advertisers, broadcasters and TV producers. The main use cases include campaign tracking, competition tracking, post-campaign evaluation, intelligence research for preparation for agency pitches, media planning, campaign optimization, budget tracking. Broadcasters use the service for strategy planning, sales performance monitoring, and reporting, content research and production analysis and briefing.

Synchronization services

Digital campaigns must be synchronized with TV campaigns in order to be effective.

TV viewers are activated by broadcast ads and they go online immediately to look for more information. When TV ad is aired we trigger digital campaigns to meet and greet the users and take them to the desired  customer journey.

Ad replacement services (DAI - Dynamic Ad Insertion)

Our ultra-fast ACR lets us trigger telecom systems, STBs and smart TVs to replace a given ad even before the viewer has seen it. This is used for customization and targeted advertising in the TV domain.