Innovative technologies

JOHN 8:32    And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

TV ANALYTICS brings TV data to life.

Believing in that simple statement we have created a powerful TV analytics set of instruments that can change utterly your perception of TV data. Derived from our professional experience in the course of many years we’ve come to the design and functionality of TV analytics instruments that represent our dream of how analysis should be made today.

We are proud of our innovative approach to TV data. We believe that tons of digits on Excel spreadsheets are no longer adequate for today’s understanding of TV audience. Therefore we have based our tools on interactive graphics only.

This interactivity enables you to see the forest and zoom in to see each tree and leaf. The zoom in and out approach is embedded in all our interfaces.

We believe that you needn’t be a media research expert to understand TV and advertising. Unlike all other legacy software we made it possible to reach the needed information with no more than three clicks of a button.

Our tools are web based, accessible from any connected device, anywhere, anytime.

H-tech’s analytics tools are not a standard and stand alone software. They are part of our TV monitoring service and integrate data from any television audience measurement system.

Our Analytics technology powers the service and is used by a number of broadcasters, ad agencies, producers and advertisers.

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