H-Tech’s IPTV solution is innovation in the area of interactive television. NEXTRA IPTV uses H-Tech’s InteracTV layer technology to turn normal television into fully interactive viewing experience. Alongside with the streaming video InteracTV layer is streaming synchronized metadata from H-Tech’s video recognition engine (HTVR) thus enabling the viewer to press the red button of the remote any time and to be forwarded to the relevant VOD service, web site of advertiser, social media platform etc.

Innovation comes not only on the viewers side. H-Tech has designed its streaming technology in such a way so NEXTRA IPTV can run on any types of networks – unicast or multicast. Regardless of the network quality IPTV operators can deliver TV service to unlimited numbers of viewers by installing low cost re-streamers at network bottlenecks.

When building IPTV operations H-Tech takes advantage of its reliable low cost solutions from headend to middleware.

We are proud of our ability to deliver the service from end to end by using only our solutions. Through our own solutions portfolio we provide:

  • Reception of TV signals
  • Multiplexing and de-multiplexing
  • Decryption
  • Encoding
  • Streaming and re-streaming
  • Middleware
  • Bulk of interactive services
NEXTRA IPTV is based on the MAG 250 set-top-box. The services that are supported by our systems and middleware iclude:

  • Interactive television
  • Media center functionality
  • Video on demand
  • Time shifting
  • Real time synchronized EPG
  • Tones of applications