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H-Tech’s TV MONITORING solution is based on our patent pending technology for Video Recognition. This innovative algorithm provides frame accurate real time detection of all possible video objects in video files and video streams. The technology lays in the core of a number of H-Tech systems as the TV Monitoring solution, the InteracTV Layer technology, the Recommendation engine and our predictive Media Planning solution.

H-Tech provides TV monitoring data for the Bulgarian advertising and media industries and a number of services for the on-line and telecom companies.


Advertising and promo spots

14 million

Records of aired commercials


TV channels


Availability of the service
  • 24 X 7 X 365
Scope of the TV ad monitoring
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising in ad break spots
  • Charity campaigns
Delivery of preliminary ad data
  • Every hour
Delivery of manually audited data
  • Every business day
Accuracy of the timing of ad broadcast
  • 1/25 of the second
Specification of metadata:
  • Video of the ad Name, including advertiser, brand, product/service, price offerText description of the voice overDurationTags
  • Low res thumbnails of the ad spot
Categorization of the spots
  • Tree hierarchy of main spot, version of the spot, alias of the spot (technically different version)
  • Campaign
  • Advertiser
  • Industry
Means of delivery of data
  • According to client requirements – web interface, file, mail, etc. or through
  • Media analytics instruments of the service
  • Possible integration with internal client systems
Delivery of the video files of the ad spots
  • According to client requirements  – YouTube integration, through dedicated web interface, FTP, e-mail, integration with internal client systems
Specification of the video file formats
  • Low res preview 320X240 MPG4
  • Hi res 720X536 PAL MPG4
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Ad spot metadata description
Tree of ad spot versions and aliases