NEXTRA VOIP  is a state of the art platform for IP based telephony.

In times where IP telephony is old news NEXTRA VOIP offers fully customizable services for the end user beyond anything offered by the known systems. Standard case of telephony is people phoning each other. Sometimes Voice mail turns on. Our case is different. Every call goes through intelligent call management – scenario defined by the receiving user.

The services provided by NEXTRA VOIP are:

  • Different user defined IVR scenario depending on :
    • The time of the incoming call
    • The phone number of the calling party
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • DTMF interaction
  • Conference call
  • Follow me service
  • Text to speech
  • Smart messaging etc.

The NEXTRA VOIP is fixed and mobile. It is integrated with NEXTRA IPTV so you can pick up the call from your TV set by using the remote and after seeing the caller ID.