Invention is what is H-tech about. Good ideas come to the prepared. It is our experience and technological creativity that drives us forward.


We admire simplicity. To achieve it we study the complexities. Develop the impossible. Present with the magnificent. And surprise with the innovative.


Usability. Rationality. Value. These are the guidelines for developing our technologies. We are proud of what we do. We love to surprise with cleverness and ingenuity.
H-Tech aims at disruptive innovation in a number of media related fields. Its most remarkable achievements are in the technologies for video recognition which the company excelled to a totally new technological level. H-Tech owns patents on a revolutionary new technology for recognition of video in video files and video streams.

This technology allows the automatic recognition of commercial spots on television. Currently the company provides TV monitoring platform for live advertising recognition which is used by a number of agencies and institutions around the world.

H-Tech also develops a brand new concept for ‘Broadcast TV channel as a service’. This technology shall eliminate the capital investments in broadcast TV stations and will disrupt the TV technology manufacturing market.

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