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What we do
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Our expertise is in real-time automatic content recognition (ACR) of   broadcast TV content across the globe.


We host satellite receiving equipment in Sofia, Amsterdam, and Sydney, capable of receiving and processing more than 2000 TV channels.

We own and operate the necessary IT infrastructure for fingerprinting and processing the content of  the acquired TV feeds and deliver the results to our clients.

We host the services of other fingerprinting companies that require access to the TV feeds in the countries where we operate.


We have developed one of the most advanced technologies for automatic content recognition of TV feeds.

We are able to recognize TV ads, promos, sponsorships, shows and all varieties of clips in real-time, with utmost precision and confidence, regardless of the quality of the processed stream. 

We can operate  on a global scale, using TV channels with different standards and frame rates in the most effective manner with minimum human interaction as we utilize the most advanced AI algorithms for content metadata identification.

How it works
After we receive the TV stream, we fingerprint the audio and video with four different fingerprinting algorithms. The combined fingerprints are searched in our database against the FPs of millions of video clips. Our ultrafast proximity search technology recognizes the clip which is on air and notifies our services. Our DB is updated with the FPs of new clips with the help of our AI services and where needed by our professional staff.
Our ACR technology is one of the fastest on the market and we recognize with 100% certainty which clip is airing only 2 seconds after the airing starts on TV.
Hundreds of thousands of clips air every day across the channels we monitor. Some of them are quite alike and they might represent a different version of an ad where only a phone number is changed, or a web address or a price. Distinguishing between those clips requires the finest attention to detail. That’s what our technology does without losing its capacity to produce results affected by artifacts or insignificant differences.
Streams can originate from different sources. They can be with different technical specifications such as resolution, frame rate, loudness level, compression, etc. Our ACR technology is robust against such differences and is able to recognize the ad spots regardless of the quality of the incoming TV signal.
Scalable and reliable
More than 10 000 TV channels in the world are airing 24/7, broadcasting more than 6 mils. content items on a yearly basis. Our technology can scale to meet the tremendous requirements for performance and reliability for global ad monitoring.
We’ve been doing total ad and promo logging on a number of markets in the course of the last 7 years with the help of ACR technology. In some markets this job is still done by the legacy data providers manually. With our new ACR technology, we aimed to bring human labor to the minimum so that we can scale globally. This allows for a cost effective and scalable operation.
We don’t need to rely on broadcasters or third parties to provide us with ad logs in order to produce monitoring reports. Our data is harvested independently by or ACR and we have full ownership over the produced data and results.
We use AI for speech recognition, text recognition, logo recognition, object detection, face detection, etc. to add metadata to video spots. Our technology autonomously recognizes most of the new ads and tracks them across the channels we monitor.



Our flagship service is LiveTVdata. It produces real-time ad log data for all the TV channels in national and local markets in Europe and USA.

The ad logs provide information with down to the second precision for any given TV channel and any given airing of all the ads, promos, sponsorships, shows, etc. For each of the items in the ad log, we provide videos and metadata. The metadata is organized by brands, description of the ad, classification according to a standardized taxonomy, position of the ad in the ad-block, etc.

Our client-facing interface to the LiveTVdata system integrates data from audience measurement providers and allows the users to visually create dashboards with ad campaign analysis, promo campaign analysis, rating analysis, track and analyze the performance of TV shows and complete TV schedules.

The LiveTVdata service is used by ad agencies, advertisers, broadcasters and TV producers. The main use cases include campaign tracking, competition tracking, post-campaign evaluation, intelligence research for preparation for agency pitches, media planning, campaign optimization, budget tracking. Broadcasters use the service for strategy planning, sales performance monitoring, and reporting, content research and production analysis and briefing.

Synchronization services

Digital campaigns must be synchronized with TV campaigns in order to be effective.

TV viewers are activated by broadcast ads and they go online immediately to look for more information. When TV ad is aired we trigger digital campaigns to meet and greet the users and take them to the desired  customer journey.

Ad replacement services (DAI - Dynamic Ad Insertion)

Our ultra-fast ACR lets us trigger telecom systems, STBs and smart TVs to replace a given ad even before the viewer has seen it. This is used for customization and targeted advertising in the TV domain.

Our customers

Media and advertising

Producers and content owners

Production companies need to analyze the performance of their shows, the impact of different actors and roles, or even different storylines. The analytical instruments of LiveTVdata allow them to perform complex analysis on all episodes of their shows in a way that was impossible before. The insights provided by the service can improve the creative and decision-making process.

Ad-tech companies

The data-driven ad-tech industry is hungry for meaningful data. This data has to be rich, accurate and real-time. We are suppliers of ad monitoring data to a number of companies who then process it, combine it with data from other sources and produce meaningful insights to their clients.

Advertising agencies

Ad monitoring is a critical part of audience measurement. Combining monitoring data (which answers to the question “What’s been on-air”) with audience data (which answers to the question ”Who watched?”) into an analytical instrument like LiveTVdata provides instantaneous insights to all agency employees. It is used for pitch preparation, post-campaign evaluation, client reporting, competition tracking, ad market analysis, medial planning, etc.

Digital agencies

TV advertising and digital advertising can no longer be separated. Campaign effectiveness requires that these two worlds are merged together. Digital agencies can benefit from the synchronization of digital communication with TV activation. The interest created by TV campaigns creates prospects that can be re-targeted digitally.


Advertisers must control the effectiveness of their agencies. They want to be aware of the performance of their campaigns on a global scale in real-time. Post campaign evaluation is no longer a viable option . Now it’s time for real-time evaluation and live control and navigation of communication strategy. Tracking the activities of the competition hasn’t been easier before. The LiveTVdata service is a powerful instrument in the hands of progressive advertisers.


Broadcasters are helpless without data. They must track the competition, the market, the clients, the producers, the performance of campaigns sold, the sales of their teams, the performance of shows. Broadcasters have their research departments who crunch data and deliver to the decision-makers. However, the majority of employees are not aware and informed. LiveTVdata is real-time, convenient and complete. Democratizing TV data produces awareness and improved performance from less ad-research savvy users like managers, producers, sales and marketing specialists.

Telecommunication and distribution






Who we are

H-Tech is an award winning innovation company founded in 2012 by Hristo Tuchev together with a team of highly professional experts with more than 80 years of combined experience in Information Technologies, Television and Telecommunications.

The company takes advantage of the know how and knowledge of the team gained in the last 15 years in hundreds of interactive television projects, combined with visionary thinking about new media development. This forms the concept of the innovative technologies and solutions that we build today.

H-Tech is focusing on research and development, creating a number of innovative services such as livetvdata.com, Cloud TV Playout, Nextra IPTV and many other technologies which produce spin-offs of separate companies providing these services to the market.

H-Tech is working as partner in European scientific research projects under the “Innovations in SME” program of the EU. The company has a number of patents in national and PCT phase.